The New Covenant is a ministry of life

II Corinthians, chapter three is one of the many New Testament passages that tells us about the New Covenant. Please study this passage, and learn what God tells us through Paul's letter. We will look briefly at the passage here.

Comparing the Corinthian believers to the Ten Commandments, Paul says they are a letter from Christ, to be read by all men. He says this letter is written with the Spirit of God, on the tablets of human hearts. (Verses 2 and 3)

Next, he said that we have no ability, or adequacy in regard to the New Covenant. Nothing we do in this matter can come from ourselves, it all must come from God. This, of course, goes completely against our fleshly thinking about ourselves. We see ourselves as having something to bring to God, something to offer Him. Those of the flesh even demand that we bring Him worthy offerings. But nothing I can give has value here. The only thing of real value comes from God, Himself.

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Updated 2/3/2010